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Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, electric bike kit, bike conversion kit, MagicPie 5,MagicPie-Edge

Test Ride Video of Converted Bicycle Using MagicPie-Edge by Gary Salo (Canada)

Magic Pie Edge Introduction - Golden Motor Canada

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, electric bike kit, bike conversion kit, MagicPie 5

SmartMeter APP (Android version) for MagicPie 5, Edge, and SmartPie 5

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, electric bike kit, bike conversion kit, MagicPie 5
SmartMeter APP (iOS version) for iPhones (version 5 or higher) and iPads:
App Store URL: Install MagicPie-UI iOS App (Last Updated on March/2021)

e-Bike with MagicPie Presentation

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For short trips, the efficiency and convenience of electric bikes is hard to beat. Here are some statistics: 40% of all trips are made within two miles of the home, and 50% of workers commute five miles or less to work.
Golden Motor is the pioneer and leader in this industry. Now with Golden Motor bike conversion kits, you can easily convert your ordinary bicycle or trike into electric version.

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, SmartPie-4,MagicPie-4, bike conversion kit

Youtube link of MagicPie4 Test Drive - Cannada     MagicPie4 - Italy
VEC Controller Programming Software(.rar)     USB Driver in case needed(.rar)

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, SmartPie-4,MagicPie-4, bike conversion kit

BAC-601 Smart Display User Manual(.pdf)

MagicPie Kits -- Your Best Choice of Electric Bike Motors! Find Out Why?   

CE Certified Ebike Motor by SGS!   MagicPie CE Certificate   MagicPie CE-EMC Report

MagicPie & Smart-Pie Wiring Layout (.jpg)

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, electric bike kit, bike conversion kit

MagicPie Kit with BUILT-IN Cruise Controller
MagicPie kit un-packing video (YouTube Link)

What Make SmartPie and MagicPie Good Bike Conversion Kits

Brushless gearless motor: gearless means direct drive, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free.

Built-in sine-wave controller:smooth riding control, no messy exposed wirings, easy to install, neat looking bikes.

Strong torque: acheived by stronger magnets, thinner 0.35mm stacked lamination, innovative motor design, high capacity MOSFETs.

Open voltages 24/36/48Vdc: user adjustable power and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 36V or 48V to meet local regulations.

Built-in cooling fan: effective heat dissipating, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability.

Programmable controller: control parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for different EV applications.

CE Certified Ebike Motor by SGS!   SmartPie CE Certificate   SmartPie CE-EMC Report  

Bike conversion kits, Electric bike motor, electric bike, hub motor

What Bike Rider's Experiences about MagicPie Ebike Kits

"The island i live on is mountains and i climb lots of big hills and the bike performs fantastic. Basically where i live is just like hawaii however we are in the middle of the atlantic ocean instead of the pacific. I live on the north shore of the island and travel thru the mountains to the south shore to the airport i am an air traffic controller at. I always check the motor after a long climb and it does not get hot, warm at most. The performance of the MagicPie and now the SmartPie is by far the best there is." -- Paul Horak

Electric bike Motor, hub Motor, Smart-Pie Motor,electric bike kit, bike conversion kit

Smart-Pie Front Motor Drawing (.PDF)     Smart-Pie Rear Motor Drawing (.PDF)

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e-Bike Conversion Kits:

High Capacity LiFePO4 Battery Packs for e-Bikes -- 24V20AH/36V12AH/48V10AH
Top quality, lightest weight (5.5kgs), aluminium casing, secure connector, universal charger,...


Lithium Iron Battery Pack with BMS/Charger and Optional Sliding Rack

Aluminium Casing with Switch/Key -- FREE!
BMS and 110V-240Vac 2A Universal Charger Included (optional 4A)
Weight: below 5.5Kgs
Capacities: 24V/20AH, 36V/12AH, 36V/10AH, or 48V/10AH
Max Discharge Current: 35A(12AH)/60A(16AH)
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 20A(12AH)/30A(16AH)
Charging Cycles: >1000 times
Ranges(full electric mode): 38Km(36V12AH) or 50Km(48V10AH)





48V/3A Charger

36V/2A Charger

24V/2A Charger

Rear Sliding Rack

Seat Post Rack


Water Bottle LiMn Battery Packs -- 36V8AH, 24V10AH
with mounting bracket, keys, and universal charger




Frog Style Battery Pack -- 24V10AH, or 36V10AH



Extra Charger

Extra Charger


Cruise Speed Controller -- Programmable via PC USB port!

... It can drive your ebike even with failed motor hall sensors, throttle, breaker, or all of them failed together!
It acts as sensorless controller when your motor hall effect sensors fail!

Cruise Controller User Guide(.pdf)
Wiring Diagram(.pdf)    (.jpg)    (3D View) -- Download eDrawing to view (12.6Mb)

Click to see programming user interface screen
Cruise Controller Parameter Setting Software for Windows XP/Win 7(PD_282_speed.rar, 1.2MB)
VEC Controller Programming Software(.rar)     USB Driver for VEC controller in case needed(.rar)

Special Features:
  • Cruise Speed Control

  • Programmable via PC to setup motor control parameters
  • Motor hall sensor failure redundency (Automatically switch to sensorless control)
  • Anti-theft alarm and wheel-locking by detection of vibration
  • True regenerative braking (only effective when you squeeze the hand brake)
  • Other failures redundency (Work with failed throttle and power breaker)
  • Work with multiple voltages: 24V, 36V and 48V with the same controller
  • Report failure components by beeps
  • Motor phase self detection and calibration
  • Support Forward and Reverse Control
  • Excessive Current Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • High Reliability

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eBike Accessories

Main Specifications:
Voltage self-adaption:
Speed display: real-time,average,maximum
Trip duration display
Mileage display: trip and cumulative mileage
Backlight setting
PAS level display and setting
Battery gauge display
Error display
Parameter setting: wheel diameter
BAC-601 LCD User Guide (.pdf)


Main Specifications:
Clock:12/24H format alternative
Current speed
Speed Comparator
Average Speed
Maximum Speed
Relative speed
Riding Time
Riding Distance
Total Riding Distance
Sensing Distance:0.9m
1x CR2032 for transmitter
1x CR2032 for Receiver


Useful Information:

How to Determine Your Bike Rim Sizes
Spoke Length Calculation

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5-20 working days for other orders depending on shipping destinations
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