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The Magic Pie


Amazing Conversion Results!!! (Test Ride Video - [.mp4])

Magical Features

Integrated Controller

Magic Pie's controller is inside the motor. Users would only need to connect the motor to the throttle and brakes to make it work.

Super thin

With a thickness of only 60mm, Magic Pie allows users to install both a 6-speed sprocket and a disc brake plate while still fitting it onto a common bike frame with a 135mm rear wheel mounting width.

140/160mm Disc Brake Compatible

Magic Pie allows users to install either 140mm or 160mm Disc Brakes without having to use any adapters or components. There are 12 mounting holes catered for both disc brake types.

Hubcore cable port

Typical motor cables exit through the axles. The cables of the Magic Pie exit through the cable port out of the hub. Hence there's no need to worry about cable damage when they're nested safely in the port.

Stronger Torque

Magic Pie has 56 Magnets, 63 slots and 56 poles. In other terms, it has 20% more strength and torque than typical motors. With it's large 320mm diameter, there's no hill too steep for it.

Function rich cruise controller

The Integrated cruise controller has functions such as True Regenerative Braking, Cruise Speed Control, Motor hall sensor failure redundency, anti-theft wheel lock via detection of vibration, Motor phase self detection and calibration, Support PAS (pedelec for EU regulations).

Multiple Voltages

The Integrated cruise controller accepts multiple voltages (24V/36V/48V) not exceeding 60V. You can tune up your Magic Pie's performance by just feeding it with a battery of higher voltage.

Plug n' Run Connection Cables

Just connect 2 wires to the motor and you're ready to roll.

Jet Engine Hubcover Design

See the effect when it spins.

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