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Q:What are the requirements to become a dealer?

A:You must have a warehouse/shophouse/webshop and you should be familiar with Golden Motor products. A plus point for dealers who have knowledge of Electric Motors and are able to do repairs and maintenance.

Q:How much must I order?
A:You have to order a minumum of USD$5000 worth of GoldenMotor products on the first order and complete sum amount of USD$20,000 annually to continue being our dealer.

Q:I am a GoldenMotor dealer, why am I not listed on the list of dealers?
A:You order must be confirmed by GoldenMotor before you are put on the list.

Q:I've seen some dealers have special rights on the forum and special GoldenMotor logos, where can I get the same?
A:Send an e-mail with a copy of your dealership contract to to receive the same privileges.

Q:Will I be fined if I do not meet the USD$20,000 quota?
A:Never, GoldenMotor takes good care of it's dealers and each and every staff in GoldenMotor is friendly and helpful at any point of time.

Q:I have no shophouse, but I have a warehouse, how can I still be in business with GoldenMotor?
A:Dropship dealers. Affiliate partners. You can order by drop shipping from GoldenMotor, and GoldenMotor will deliver straight to the address that you inform us about. Prices may vary from direct dealers.

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