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Neo-Concept Electric Outboards - eXtreme Marine Technologies!

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Minimalist clean design, monstrous powerful, that's GMX Supermoto!

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High Power BLDC Motors for EVs and Industrial Applications
Powerful, Efficient, High Torque, Compact

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Powerful and Reliable Motor Controllers for EVs

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Hub Motors for Drive of Robots and Personal Electric Vehicles

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Are You Having Trouble Getting Around?

Super Light Power Wheelchair for Travellers, Quick/Easy Foldable, 50% Battery Saving

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User Customizable Width/Length/Height,   1-SECOND Folding/Unfolding,   Inclinable Back Rest
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Electric Car/Light EV Motors to Deliver Monstrous Power

Electric Car Kit, Electric Motorcycle Motor,Silver Scorpion, Electric Car Motor
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High Quality Lithium Battery Packs for EVs, Boats

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Useful Info: Torque (in N*m) = 9.55 * Power (in watts) / Speed (in rpm)
1N*m = 141.61 oz*in = 8.85 lb*in = 10,200.0 g*cm, 1.0 hp = 745.7 watts
1.0 in = 2.54 cm, 1.0 kg = 2.205 lb = 35.27 oz, 1.0 mile = 1.61 Km, Tc=(Tf-32)*5/9

20'/ft Container Volume: 33cbm/1170cft (internal: 5.9m x 2.35m x 2.39m)
40'/ft Container Volume: 67cbm/2385cft (internal: 12.0m x 2.35 x 2.39m)
Air Shipping Volume to Weight Conversion Formula: [L(cm) * W(cm) * H(cm)]/6000 => Kgs

More Formulas and Equations About DC Motors...

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